• Image of Dribble sculpture

Nobody knows exactly where the Dribbles came from. But arrived they have, to stake their claim in the half world between the conscious and the unconscious. Are they drooling in anticipation for something tasty to come? Or are they dribbling over the remains of something already devoured?

This Ltd edition is a collaboration between myself and designer toy artist Skeletonbolts. Each has been sculpted and hand cast in polyurethane resin by Skeletonbolts, before being hand painted and finished with a matt varnish by myself. Numbered and signed, each sculpture comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity and a few stickers from the both of us for good measure!

Weight: 635g
Dimensions: 6 x 6.5 x 3"
Small imperfections and brush marks may be visible as these are individually hand made and hand painted!

NOTE: This is a preorder. Each order still needs to be carefully hand cast, painted and packaged by the two of us. To allow us time to do so, orders will not be ready to ship until the start of November 2019. Please then allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.